In A & D Designer's, we focus in interior design, space planning and renovation for all types of commercial and residential properties. We also do customization of carpentry works, A&A and rebuild for landed properties in Singapore.

Our in-house carpenter is well known bespoke furniture tailoring made to the individual measurements of the customer. With all the above expertise and eligibilities, we are able to efficiently deliver satisfaction to all our clients.
  • STEP1
    Start by completing our enquiry form or calling us to discuss the details. We would then arrange the first meeting with you at your convenience. We would listen to your ideas and provide a preliminary design proposal. We would also give you our team's follow-up design working schedule for your reference.
  • STEP2
    After having further consultation with you, we will take all your requirements into account and develop all the possibilities to make the interior design customized and successful. Our team would search for the best furnishing materials, fittings and decorations according to the plan.
  • STEP3
    An agreement will be reached once the finalized design proposal is confirmed. We will show you the finalized quotation based on the proposal and other related services. The quotation would include all the expenses and detailed information for the renovation as well as minor work such as basic installation work.
  • STEP4
    Once you have given us the key to your apartment, we can start the renovation work in your apartment! Our team of contractors will work according to the plan with the apartment design. There is no need for you to site-visit the apartment regularly for checking during the renovation process.
  • STEP5
    After the construction work is completed, you will see a nice apartment and you will be given a new set of keys! We could help you do a home decoration if you want us to improve the aesthetics. You can then start your new life in your new home!