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Here at A & D Designer’s Group, your home will be in good hands, be it HDB, Private properties such as Condos/Condominiums or Landed Property (i.e. inter-terrace, terrace, semi-detach, bungalow and good class).

Discover the best design ideas as our designers blend your desired themes with functional designs, making your house a true home for you and your loved ones.

For our commercial clients, fret not. Our team of designer’s are ready to help you achieve your dream store front or balance out a budget for your workshop/warehousing needs.

Delves into the transformative journey of an Interior Renovation Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Importance of home renovation in Singapore?

Renovating your resale HDB, new BTO, Condominium or Landed property is essential in protecting the property value of your unit.
Refreshing your resale HDB, new BTO, Condominium or Landed property with a more modern take might give you an edge when selling your property in our fast-paced city state.

Are permits required?

Yes for resale HDB and new BTO units, a submission is required for works relating to structural changes, electrical or plumbing works.
Similar to HDB and BTO units, Condo units require similar permits and might require further endorsements.

What are some popular?

As newer BTO are getting relatively more compact in recent years, we are focused in helping our clients to achieve a homely yet efficient methods of creating storage solutions that are both space-saving and pleasing to the eyes.
With the advancement of home appliances we are experienced in blending seamless smart home integration, energy-efficient appliances with contemporary and traditional aesthetics.

What are some popular renovation trends in Singapore?

In Singapore, popular renovation trends include space-saving solutions, smart home technology integration, energy-efficient designs, and a blend of contemporary and traditional aesthetics.

How long does a renovation project usually take in Singapore?

The timeline varies depending on the complexity and size of the project. Minor renovations might take a few weeks, while major ones could extend to a few months.

How can I find a reliable renovation contractor in Singapore?

Research and select renovation companies with a proven track record, positive reviews, and appropriate licenses. Seek referrals from friends, family, or trusted sources.

Why Choose Us


At A & D designer’s group pte ltd. We are here to aid our clients both residential (resale HDB, new BTO, Condominium or Landed property) and commercial (shophouses, office interior design, factories, workshops) to use the available space with upmost efficiency.

Our team of in-house craftsmen, from carpenters to masons, are masters at their craft, thanks to the years of experience they possess under their belt. As a premier renovation company in Singapore, we work hand in hand with our designers to turn your dreams into reality.

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Welcome to A & D Designer's Group, where your dream home awaits its transformation! We're thrilled to announce our latest promotion exclusively tailored for HDB BTO (Built-To-Order) flats.


Contact us at 9824 3883 to arrange for a no-obligation meeting. Our sales consultants and designers will provide you with ideas to make your dream house come true at an affordable price.

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